What Is Web Hosting And Its Types

What Is Web Hosting And Its Types

Having a website is a necessity that every entrepreneur and business owner has to invest in. Making your mark on the World Wide Web is necessary especially in the contemporary world, which demands convenience and instant gratification. When planning for your web design, you should also include in your planning the type of web host that you would be acquiring. Finding a web host is essential to run your website and start making your mark on the internet.


Web Hosting

In layman’s terms, acquiring the services of a web host is like renting space on the internet. A web server will connect you to the World Wide Web giving you the chance to bridge the gap between your products and services and your customers. Web hosts can provide you special software needed to run your website to its full potential. A web host will deliver the requests of your customers, so files are presented to the computer screens of your end users. You can think of a web host as a waiter ready to provide the needs of your customers. They will take requests and provide the information that your customer requires.

In addition, a web host can provide you different features needed to run your website effectively and efficiently. They can give you the ability to create e-mail addresses under your domain name, which has the full functionality of an e-mail account (receive and send messages). You will also have the ability to manage databases, create databases, display videos, and other functions that you will find useful when handling and maintaining your website.

Types Of Hosting Services

There are three types of hosting services that you can avail. You can either have a shared hosting service, dedicated hosting service, or co-location hosting service.

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  • Shared Hosting Service. As the name suggests, you are sharing the web server with other clients. This is good for websites that do not need a huge storage and bandwidth to operate the site. If your website does not run on hundreds of pages and thousands of graphics and files, this type of server is good for you. Because this type of server is shared, you can expect to pay a minimal amount. This is the cheapest type of server that you can avail in a paid web hosting service.


  • Dedicated Hosting Service. This type of service is recommended for websites that require a full-blown hosting service. If your site is big, powerful, and receives thousands (if not millions) of visits in a day, this hosting service is good for you. You will not worry about outages and downtime because you will have unlimited storage space, and you are not sharing your bandwidth with anybody else. You are assured, with this type of server that no interference will occur while running your website. You own an entire server. Thus, other web owners will not interfere with your business and site functionality unlike in shared servers. This is the advantage of having a dedicated server. For this reason, a dedicated server costs you more than shared hosting service.


  • Co-Location Hosting Service. Acquiring a co-location hosting service is good if you want to have full control over your website and your server, with the physical security of a professional web host. With a co-location hosting service, you can control every aspect of our business. Maintenance will be under your control provided that you have sufficient knowledge about it. With a co-location hosting service, you are provided with continuous power supply, physical security, and reliable internet connection. This is a cheaper alternative for dedicated service. If you have the manpower and knowledge to maintain your hardware and software, this is the best option for you.


As you can see, there are different types of server that you can choose from. You just have to determine the requirements of your website. If you are able to determine that server requirement of your website, it would be easy for you to choose which type of server is best for you. Of course, if you want to have a feel of what can happen online once you run your website, you can also try a free web hosting service, which you can also search on Google. If you’re looking for a romantic relationship, it’s best to get tips from the girlfriend activation system pdf.